Growing Marijuana

To grow marijuana there are five basic requirements – Marijuana plants need water, light, air, nutrients and temperature. However you choose to grow marijuana you should bear these 5 basic requirements in mind and ask yourself at each stage… Have I given the marijuana plants these five things the NEED to grow?

The Marijuana life cycle – Marijuana is an annual plant. It germinates in the spring, grows taller and stronger during the vegetative growth throughout the summer, and then flowers in the autumn. The flowers provide the marijuana seedsfor growing next year’s plants. The flowers are what we are looking to get with marijuana. We call them buds because they are harvested before the marijuana plants can fully flower.

To produce the most potent marijuana buds it is necessary to remove any and all male plants before the budding or flowering stage of growth.  This means that the female marijuana plant will put all of the growth energy into creating the sticky, THC-laden flowers rather than the seeds. The result is essentially a virgin plant, or sensimilla, which comes from the Latin for ‘without seeds’. The act of sexing the plants early (identifying if it is male or female) can be a difficult one.

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