Marijuana seed germination

Marijuana seeds germinatingMarijuana seed germination is actually not as hard as people make it sound.  Germinating any seeds, especially marijuana seeds, is all done about the same way as it has for centuries, with only a  few exceptions due to hydroponic growing, indoor marijuana growing etc.  All your going to need to do to have a successful marijuana seed germination (granted your marijuana seed genetics are good) is follow the steps outlined on this page!  We have included a a couple methods as well as some hints and tricks to help you grow the biggest and most beautiful medical marijuana plants possible.

Germinating marijuana seeds in soil or hydroponic medium – Germinate the marijunana seeds in sterile soil (for planting outdoors) or a hydroponic medium of rockwool or vermiculite. As easy as a peat cube may look, please do not use one! Informal tests and experience show these peat cubes do not work well and stunt the marijuana plants growth after they germinate. Planting in vermiculite gives the seedling so much oxygen, and are so easy for roots to grow in, that the marijuana plants look large one week after germination!
Keep them moist at all times, by placing seeds in vermiculite filled 16oz cups with holes in the bottom, placed in a tray of weak nutrient solution, high in P. Rockwool cubes also work extremely well. When the seed sprouts, place the rockwool cubes into larger rockwool cubes. No repotting or transplanting, and no soil mixing!

Germinating marijuana seeds in a paper towel - You can germinate marijuana seeds in a paper towel. This method is tricky; it’s easy to ruin roots if they dry out, or are planted too late after germinating. Paper towels dry out pretty fast! Place paper towel in a bowl, saturated with weak nutrient solution (not too much!), and cover with plastic wrap to keep it from drying out. Put bowl in a warm area; top of the gas stove, water heater closet, or above warm lamps. Cover with black paper to keep out light. Check every 12 hours and plant germinated seeds with the grow tip up (if possible) in a growing medium as soon as the root coming out of the seed is 1/16” or longer. Use tweezers, and don’t touch the root tip.
Transplant as little as possible by germinating in the same container you intend to grow the plant in for a significant period of time. Just plant in vermiculite or rockwool. You will be amazed at the results! 90% germination is common with this method, as compared to 50% or less with Jiffy Cubes.

Marijuana seedling - 6 days oldHints and tricks for after marijunana seed germination – After germination of the marijuana seeds, a 5-55-17 plant food such as Peter’s Professional will stimulate root growth of the germinating seed and the new seedlings. Use a very dilute solution, in distilled water, about 1/3 normal strength, and keep temperatures between 72-80 degrees. Warm temperatures are very important. Many growers experience low germination rate if the temperatures are out of this range. A heating pad set to low or medium may be necessary, or a shelf constantly warmed by a light may do, but test it with a few seeds first, before devoting next years crop to it. No light is necessary and may slow germination. Cover germinating seeds with black paper to keep out light. Place seedlings in the light once they sprout.
Plan on transplanting only once or twice before harvest. Use the biggest containers possible for the space and number of seedlings you plan to start. Plants will suffer if continuously transplanted and delay harvesting. You will suffer too, from too much work! 13 2-liter plastic soda bottles filled with vermiculite/pearlite will fit in a cat box tray, and will not require transplanting for the first harvest, if you intend to grow hydroponically. Transplant them for a second regenerated harvest.
Cut holes in the bottom of containers and fill the last few inches at the top with vermiculite only, to start seeds or accept seedling transplants. Since vermiculite holds water well, wicks water well, but does not hold too much water, roots always have lots of oxygen, even if they are sitting in a tray full of water. A hydrogen peroxide based plant food is used to get extra oxygen to the marijuana plants when the pans are kept continuously full. The water can be allowed to recede each time after watering, before new solution is added. This allows the marijuana plants roots to dry somewhat, and make sure they are getting enough oxygen.
Use SuperSoil brand potting soil, as it is excellent and sterilized.  Sterilize the containers with a bleach solution, especially if they have been used a previous season for another plant.

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Medical Marijuana is now mainstream?

Mainstream is probably pushing it but many states have adopted some form of medical marijuana policy and law. Since they have started making medical marijuana legal we have seen the marijuana industry grow to almost a $2 billion dollars a year.
People are being healed of many ailments and it is a natural option (added bonus). Some call it a the ultimate sugar pill and yet others have proven the great power of the cannabis sativa plant but no one can deny the incredible rise of the use of marijuana in the United States of America